Listen to our Customers …

“I’ve used the Rental Workbook to manage up to five properties. It’s easy to use! The previous manual system I was using wasn’t able to cover everything the accountant needed when I went to visit him and this one does. It’s a great innovation and I recommend it to everyone!”
— Merv Pegler
“Haven’t had a chance to use all the features – but have been quite impressed so far and have recommended it to others. I haven’t needed to consult the user’s guide or get support so the workbook must be fairly intuitive!!”
— D Jones, NT
“We are new to investing and really appreciate having a program that does the work for us. Easy for taxation purposes. We haven’t even used the support line, website or user guide!
— P Lewington, WA
“It’s intuitive – it follows one property at a time through in a simple sequence to its end without complicated or confusing menus to work through.”
— J Muller, VIC
My accountant has agreed that this is one of the better programs available, it has all the reporting capabilities needed to submit a tax return and anyone can use it.”
— B Price, WA
“The program has everything I need and is very simple to use . Well done to all involved!”
— D McGill, SA
I have used it for the past 3 years and appreciate the order it puts into my accounts. Also, my accountant trusts my figures from the last page.”
— E Oorschot, WA

… and these are just a small sample!