Exciting new website

Well, this morning has been very exciting, with the launch of our brand new website.  A new look, new easier ways to order, along with a new blog and knowledge base. Everything is new! Please be patient as we move all our information over from the old knowledge base and support areas – everything will be available soon :)

Many thanks to our web designer, for all her hard work that she put into the new site!

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2 comments on “Exciting new website
  1. curious says:

    i have several tenants in the one property but they pay different amounts of rent. does anyone know how i can enter this information? i can only see i place to put in rent for each property.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Curious,
    This is a common question.
    Many users have different systems to deal with this situation, but the most simple is to keep track of them as if they are separate properties. I.E. Set up My Property Number1; My property Number 2 and so on. That way, each tenant can be tracked individually.
    Kind regards,

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