Interesting Times

This past month has been interesting, to say the least.  The website has played a big part in that, and the blog is now waiting to be ‘blogged’!

So, to blog, or not to blog was the question, and the answer seemed to be a resounding ‘Yes!’

One of my favourite authors was the inspiration for the title of this note – Terry Pratchett. He wrote one of his brilliant novels with interesting Times being the title, playing on the theme that it is often though that ‘May you live in Interesting Times’ was an ancient Chinese curse; it is a popular theory but in reality there is no such curse as far as investigation will tell you.

Excellent idea for a curse I reckon – the imagination creates a picture of the very idea of ‘interesting’ being something other than fascinating or attention-grabbing and that’s how it went last month.

Interesting times sums up the past chaotic month of transferring everything from our old site, to this lovely new one, and then realising that the web change was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and so many other tiny weenie bits & pieces suddenly needed to be done.  All very exciting, and now it feels as though I can finally calm a little and do some posting!

On with the blog!

My aim is for this blog to be loosely based around Excel, starting with simple things, and occasionally getting to the complex functions and features; and Excel Australia’s own product, the Rental Workbook. Occasionally I might digress, and touch on  other interesting topics that catch my imagination.

I’ll update periodically, and bring new ideas and information to the fore :) – I hope you enjoy!

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