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In keeping with my enthusiasm for Excel, I’m going to be putting tips into this blog.  With this in mind, I am also highlighting our training services.

Based in South East Queensland, we can offer a range of Microsoft Training as very reasonable rates.  We come to your offices, so we don’t have the overheads of room hire, so you are only paying for our trainer to come to you.

Before the training, we discuss suitable topics to cover for your firm, and produce PDF help cards for you to keep at your offices.  See our Training page for more information, or contact us using the link alongside this post.

First in a series of Excel tips, is to introduce Paste Special.

Paste Special is a very useful command that can be used for a wide range of copying and pasting techniques. It is designed to make sure that you never need to enter information or create formats more than once. All you do is let Paste Special know which aspect of the cell(s) you want.

It can be used to copy a single element such as comments, column widths, formats or validation without copying the remaining cell values.  The value of copying formats only is that you can ensure that formatting remains consistent throughout your workbook.

As long as the cell remains in copy mode (with the flashing ‘ants’ around the selection), it is possible to copy different elements, one at a time.  For example, first paste the column widths and then without pressing ESC, paste the cell formatting.

1. Select the cell (or range of cells) that you want to copy.

2. Then copy.

Copy cell(s)

Copy cell(s)

3. Go to the location where you wish the properties to be copied.

4. Choose the drop-down from the Paste tool (or Right-click and select Paste Special).

Look at the options for paste special – you can choose to paste only the column widths, or even just the cell values, meaning that the formulas from the cell stay where they are, and only the numbers go to your new location.

Have fun learning how to use Paste Special, and watch for our next post :)

Steps to paste the options

Steps to paste the options

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