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Line of Credit Extra lines

For all those people who want to record every transaction on their Line of Credit, we’ve created a free Line of Credit Calculator. This allows input of up to 1,000 transactions per property per year and generates monthly totals that

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Lost Data after Upgrade or Renew

Normally, when data is lost or missing, it is because properties were not saved before the upgrade. This is an important step and is not the same as saving the file. Please check that you have followed the upgrade or

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Upgrade or Renewal – Detailed instructions v12 ONLY

These instructions are for upgrading to VERSION 12. NOTE: Version 14 is now available – Yes we missed out 13… because we created a MAJOR upgrade involving a new database and separate Excel file – this means you will only

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Renewal problems

Our renewal process is always set to run on the most up to date version of the Rental Workbook. – We issue a new version every July to include all of the new Financial Year updates.

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Upgrade or Renewal problems – Excel 2007 user

If you are using Excel 2007, you may have saved your original Rental Workbook as an Excel 2007 file type (e.g. WorkbookName.xlsx) In order that the Rental Workbook is compatible with most versions of Excel, we use the Excel 97-2003

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Excel 2007 or 2010- Setting up Excel for the Rental Workbook

If you’re using Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013, you may not have all of the Rental Workbook program working due to the macros not being ‘enabled’. With these versions of Excel, there are a few extra steps needed to make

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Renew, Rollover and Upgrade – What’s the difference?

There are three separate processes to explain 1) Renewal – This is your annual subscription. Once payment has been processed, we send you a renewal document that runs through a process that gives you another 12 months usage of the

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How do I enter expenses that cover more than one property?

You can either apportion these between each property, or enter each property’s share of the total on its expense sheet; alternatively, you can simply choose one property as your “default” property and put the whole expense into that property’s sheet.

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Is it possible to enter past data for properties?

Is it possible to enter data for properties which have been owned a number of years? Does this mean old data has to be individually entered for each year in retrospect until the first year of ownership. Is it suffice

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Rental Workbook on a Mac?

We have had a number of inquiries about Excel, the Rental Workbook, and whether it will work with  Macs. We recently discovered that the VBA functionality has been included in Excel for Mac 2011.  This is an important feature as

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