Excel 2007 or 2010- Setting up Excel for the Rental Workbook

If you’re using Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013, you may not have all of the Rental Workbook program working due to the macros not being ‘enabled’.

With these versions of Excel, there are a few extra steps needed to make sure all the macros are accepted – Microsoft have made lots of security enhancements which means that programs that use the security sections (like us) have to work a little harder!

CAUTION: In Excel 2010; If you do not enable Macros when you first open the RW, and have then saved as an Excel Workbook, you may have removed all the programming code! Excel 2010 has a built-in feature that keeps your settings for a particular file.  With normal use, this means you won’t have to keep ‘Enabling Macros’ every time you pen the Rental Workbook.

Below, we have prepared a screen shot of the changes you need to make to Excel in order for any workbook with macros to run (not just the Rental Workbook).

1) Click the Office Button (File in 2010)
2) Select Excel Options
3) Select the Trust Centre and then
a. At the Message bar options, tick ‘Show the message bar’
b. At Macro Settings, choose ‘Disable all macros WITH notification.
4) Back at Excel Options, choose Save, and select Save Files as Excel 97-2003

Step 4 helps with Upgrades and Renewals – We have created the Rental Workbook as an Excel 97-2003 file type in order for it to be compatible with all current Excel versions. This means that when we run updates etc, the existing file needs to also be in the same format. If you prefer to use Excel 2007 file type normally, please use Save As to save the Rental Workbook as a 97-2003 file.

When you open the Rental Workbook after changing these settings, you will see a Security Warning – Click on the Options button to enable the macros.

NOTE, the Add-Ins menu is only applicable to versions 12 and older. Once upgraded to version 14, the Rental Workbook has its own menu ribbon.

Once enabled, the Rental Workbook menu will be found in the Add-Ins ribbon.

When you select Add-ins, you will find the ‘normal’ Rental Workbook menu. This is where you would Save each property – i.e. Add-Ins > Rental Workbook > Property > Save. This Add-Ins menu Save is different to the File Save (Office Button Save) as it saves the individual property, and not the main file. Use this each time you make changes to one of your properties. Before closing the Rental Workbook, use the normal save file options (Office Button > Save).

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