File Error: Data may have been lost

We’ve had reports from a number of customers regarding the issue you reported where they were using a combination of Excel 2000 and Internet Explorer (“IE”) 7 or 8. (Not so much recently, as a lot of people have since upgraded to version 2007).

Update: This error now appears with some installs of Office 2003.  for reference, please read this Microsoft update article.  If you have Service Pack 2 installed (SP2), you may be able to download a hot-fix at this Microsoft update page, which also explains how to download SP2 if you don’t yet have it.  Please note, once Microsoft issue their next update for Office 2010, Office 2003 will no longer be supported so the following paragraphs will also apply.Other versions of IE with Excel 2000 work fine and other versions of Excel with IE7 or IE8 also work without incident however the combination of both products prevents the Rental Workbook from running.

The issue is the result of a bug in Excel 2000, whereby if the workbook contains images that have hyper links, the error noted will occur. The Rental Workbook uses hyperlinked images extensively to provide navigation buttons on each page so to remove these would severely impact on the functionality of the product.

Microsoft withdrew support for Excel 2000 some time ago and apparently won’t be issuing a fix for this issue. As such, unfortunately, the only solutions Microsoft can suggest are to either go back to IE6 or upgrade to Excel 2002 or later. We find this as frustrating as you as it is impacting our customers!

If you use Excel for other spreadsheets, you will find the same issue occurs if those files use hyperlinked images as well so you may need to upgrade office or downgrade Internet Explorer anyway. For further information, see Microsoft’s response at … um=1&pli=1

Searching around the internet, we recently found this useful ‘How To’ that explains how to downgrade back to Internet Explorer version 6:

We wish there were a better solution but unfortunately, this is beyond our control. It is very disappointing that Microsoft have chosen to respond in this manner.

Upgrading Office may be the simplest solution, we have seen it for $149 at Office Works recently (Student and Home version), or, if you are a student (or know someone who is…) I you can purchase for only $75: … tcheating/

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