Renew, Rollover and Upgrade – What’s the difference?

There are three separate processes to explain

1) Renewal – This is your annual subscription. Once payment has been processed, we send you a renewal document that runs through a process that gives you another 12 months usage of the Rental Workbook. Always save each of your properties (Rental Workbook > Property > Save) before running a renewal; and then save a backup copy of your Rental Workbook. If you need to renew your Rental Workbook, visit our website and purchase your downloadable renewal at

2) Upgrade – This is a program change that we issue around the tax year change, that includes any changes to allowances etc for the next tax year. We cannot generally do this before July as the ATO may make changes to their allowances up until 30th June each year. Any other document you have will not contain this information, and so to keep your Rental Workbook data ‘up-to-date’, you would download this document. This will run through an ‘upgrade’ process and supersede your existing Rental Workbook. This process is included in your annual subscription. Your ‘old’ document is still available for backup. We always notify our subscribers when the next version is available. All updates are FREE as part of your annual subscription.

Always save each of your properties (Add-ins > Rental Workbook > Property > Save) before running an upgrade; and then save a backup copy of your Rental Workbook.

3) Rollover – This is a tax year process update that you would run through on the current version of your Rental Workbook. Once all data and reports have been printed and finalised from your Rental Workbook, then you would run this process from the Quick Links menu (Quick¬†Links¬†> Utilities > Rollover). Again, your ‘old’ document is still available for backup / printing. Rollover can only be carried out up to the latest tax year of your current Rental Workbook. For example, version 12 contains information up to and including tax year 2013 (30/06/2013). Version 11 only holds information up to tax year 2012 (30th June 2012).

Always save each of your properties (Add-ins > Rental Workbook > Property > Save) before running a rollover; and then save a backup copy of your Rental Workbook.

So, in July when we issue the new version, then you can ‘Upgrade’ to ensure you are using the most up-to-date tax information, and then continue using the new updated version. Carry out a ‘Rollover’ when you’re ready to finish the tax for that year. When your subscription is due, you will be requested to ‘Renew’, and then you would go through process 1) again.

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6 comments on “Renew, Rollover and Upgrade – What’s the difference?
  1. Rod Greenslade says:

    If a renewal/upgrade/rollover isn’t purchased, will the current copy of RW still function as a fully functioning application, albeit with possibly outdated ATO information?

  2. Mel says:

    Hi Rod,

    This is a common question.

    Once a subscription lapses, the Rental Workbook becomes Read-Only.
    All reports can be printed and viewed, but not edited.

    This is for a number of reasons, one of which being that the Rental Workbook needs to be ATO compliant.

    The tax year information must be correct for each relevant tax year – every time we issue an upgrade, we include any tax updates that have been made to the tables and calculations. Once the RW is out of date, we cannot support users completing their tax returns as the tax year information would not be correct and therefore not ATO compliant.

  3. James Morley says:

    My memory is failing? I’ve purchased the renewal v12. So I now have the renewal unpopulated with properties and the old saved v1 up to 2012. When I try to rollover frpm 2012, I get asked to renew. When I try to rollover from the renewal, there is nothing to rollover? What am I doing wrong?

  4. Mel says:

    Dear James,
    You open and run the Renewal file – this will ask you for your existing Rental Workbook (the one with the properties in it, that currently asks you to renew).
    Once done, you will have a new file to use – a replacement for your old one. If you are going to roll-over the tax year, first make a back-up copy of this new file. After this, go to the Renewed new file, and run the rollover (Quick Links > Utilities > Rollover).
    After this, you can discard the Renewal file that you downloaded, and use the old property file as a back-up.

  5. Mary Ryan says:

    I don’t seem to be able to find the utilities file to rollover my file. How can I fix

  6. Mel says:

    Hi Mary,

    We have had a few queries about this – the Utilities menu has moved to the Control panel – please refer to our blog entry from 6th July 2012:

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