Renewal problems

Our renewal process is always set to run on the most up to date version of the Rental Workbook. – We issue a new version every July to include all of the new Financial Year updates.

The most common reason for a failed renewal process is that the existing Rental Workbook is running in an older version. (Most probably version 8 or older).

From July 2010, the current version was updated to Version 10. Version 9 will automatically upgrade to version 10 as part of the process. If you have not yet upgraded, you can obtain your upgrade file by using our latest upgrade code. If you have misplaced our information email, contact us for the Upgrade code at

Before running the renewal process, make sure that your copy of the Rental Workbook is up to date by following the menu path: Rental Workbook > View > About – the current version will show under Version & Licensing.

If you are using version 8 or older, you will first need to contact us at This may involve you sending us your older file to us for upgrading.

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