Rental Workbook on Open Office?

We have had a number of inquiries about Excel, the Rental Workbook, and different spreadsheet programs such as OpenOffice.

OpenOffice from does not come with VBA support, which means it will not run any coding or macros created in Excel. According to web research, you may be able to try a complete build of version 2.4, though we cannot offer support for non-Microsoft issues.Generally speaking, OpenOffice does not support the programming for VBA that we use to create the Rental Workbook (the reason you choose to Enable Macros in Excel when opening the Rental Workbook).

We would advise using Microsoft Excel to ensure that all version upgrades will be compatible.

Microsoft Office is regularly available for less than $100 for home and student editions – sometimes as little as $75 for a full copy of Microsoft Office, and can be purchased from many locations, such as Amazon:

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