Upgrade or Renewal – Detailed instructions v12 ONLY

These instructions are for upgrading to VERSION 12.

NOTE: Version 14 is now available – Yes we missed out 13… because we created a MAJOR upgrade involving a new database and separate Excel file – this means you will only need to use a new Excel file each year – no need to keep finding your old files, as long as you save in the same place.

Want to know more? If you’re an existing user, refer to your UPGRADE email.  If you did not receive the email, we may not have your up to date details, please complete the contact us form to ask for your Upgrade link.

Important – Please read before upgrading.

Before you upgrade, you should properly prepare your existing Rental Workbook.

Have you saved each property first? Note: This is not the same as saving the file. Each property MUST be saved individually to ensure the data is stored in the transfer location.

This applies for versions 9 or older.  Version 12 will automatically save all properties when Save is chosen.
Check by visiting each property in turn, following the prompts to save, or use the menu option Add-ins > Rental Workbook > Property > Save

(For Excel 2003 Users: Go to Rental Workbook > Property > Save )

Have you noted any split loan & LOC details during the year?

Part of the upgrade process resets these features, so you may wish to print off the split loan and LOC pages before upgrading so you can enter these details again.

IMPORTANT: Additional notes for Excel 2007 or 2010 users:

Ensure your Rental Workbook has been saved as an Excel 97-2003 document – Office Button > Save As > Excel 97-2003 file. You will not lose any features, as the Rental Workbook is created to work on Excel versions from XP to 2007. This is because the Upgrade or Renewal document will search for a .xls file and not the .xlsx that is the normal 2007 file type.

You can of course revert your upgraded or renewed file to the 2007/2010 file type after processing.


Properly prepare your existing Rental Workbook using the steps above.

Close your existing Rental Workbook

Open the upgrade file containing the words “Rental Workbook vXX.00 UPGRADE.xls” or “Rental Workbook vXX.00 RENEW.xls”

– Enable the macros (Excel 2007/2010 Message Bar > Options > Enable the Content)
– the splashscreen appears along with the macro warning
– the splashscreen disappears (or you click the “Close” button within 5 seconds)
– the disclaimer appears

Click “Accept”
– you will see the message about “This is a new UPGRADE / RENEWAL version. It is used to change from an older version to a newer version … etc etc … Please select ‘Yes’ to transfer data from your old Rental Workbook version to this new version, or click ‘No’ to Exit.”

Click “Yes”
– a dialog box appears entitled “Select Your vX to vX Rental Workbook to Upgrade”

Locate the Rental Workbook file on your PC that you’ve been inputting data into for the last 12 months and click “Open”

After a few moments you should see a message box entitled “Successful Upgrade” with text that says “The Rental Workbook <your filename> has been successfully upgraded and is now stored at <new path & filename> … etc etc Please note that previous borrowing cost data is now displayed under Loan Summary 1.”

Ensure you write down the new path and filename then click “OK”

Provided that your workbook hasn’t already expired, you should now be able to use the latest version of the Rental Workbook

If you are upgrading because you are finalising your financial year end, we always recommend doing things in this order:

It shouldn’t really matter which order you do things in, however we always do the following & don’t have any trouble:

1 – Complete the financial year processes
2 – Save each property in turn & save the whole RW as a back-up (either click retrieve data for each property, or select each in turn from the RW menu)
3 – Run the upgrade process
4 – save a backup of the new file in a chosen location, ensure that all properties are there
5 – Run the rollover process to clear out all the old income & expenses data
6 – Check that all properties are listed and that all the old tax year data has been cleared
7 – Select the next financial year on each of the property pages, saving each property in turn to ensure they are shown in the all tax summary report

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