Version 12 Upgrade

You’ve downloaded your new tax year update – but what else has changed?

So you can see the bottom of your pages more easily, we’ve added new page down / page up buttons.


After listening to your feedback, we’ve moved the Utilities features (including your tax-year roll over) to the Quick Links menu – right there on the front page.




We have also changed how printing works. When you choose the menu Add-ins > Rental Workbook > Print you can choose This Page – this option means you have much more control about what information you need to print. If you only want the Tax Summary, that’s fine – just navigate to that page and choose to print this page.

Although the upgrade contains new functionality and the new tax rates, it does NOT automatically roll your data over to the new tax year.

You can roll over your file to the new tax year at a time of your choosing, by using the Quick Links option Utilities – Rollover.


NOTE: Version 14 is now available – Yes we missed out 13… because we created a MAJOR upgrade involving a new database and separate Excel file – this means you will only need to use a new Excel file each year – no need to keep finding your old files, as long as you save in the same place.

Want to know more? If you’re an existing user, refer to your UPGRADE email. ┬áIf you did not receive the email, we may not have your up to date details, please complete the contact us form to ask for your Upgrade link.

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