Rental Workbook Tax Year Update – LAST YEAR

Rental Workbook Tax Year Update – The tax year update is ALWAYS for the CURRENT FINANCIAL YEAR

If you are a year behind, and have not year done your previous year transactions, you may need the previous year tax update.


To upgrade your existing Rental Workbook complete the form below and click Add to Cart.

This tax year update is applicable ONLY to existing users of the BLUE Excel 2010 and above Rental Workbook, if you are still using the GREEN one, click here 

Note: The file needs to find your existing Rental Workbook database to run – this will be named RentalWorkbook.mdb
If you do not have this existing file, you will not be an existing BLUE Rental Workbook user and may have been using the old green v12.

Alternatively, if you have renamed that database file, the Excel file will not find the database.

Detailed instructions for completing the transaction will be provided when your confirm your details. Once you go through checkout you will be able to download the restore. This RESTORE file is FREE to subscribers, however you will need to complete a “purchase” in order to download the file.

Note: This is an UPDATE purchase only, and will not function without an existing FULL copy of the Rental Workbook.

The Rental Workbook is tax-year based, and you can still view data from all previous tax years.

You can choose to lock down completed tax years from editing.

Before running any major process, including Rollover, Renewal and of course Update, we recommend you create a backup copy of your Rental Workbook database file (RentalWorkbook.mdb).

All downloads are contained within ZIP files to keep the download size smaller – we recommend WinZip.  Use this link to download your free trial version of Winzip