If you are having problems with your BLUE Excel file, we have made this RESTORE file available which replaces your copy of the Rental Workbook.

Note: This is an RESTORE purchase only, and will not function without an existing FULL copy of the Rental Workbook.

This RESTORE program is for the CURRENT tax year ONLY.

This file will only replace your Excel file – if the data in your database has become corrupt & properties do not save or appear to have any data showing then you will need to contact us via the contact us form.

You can email your database file to us & we can check it for integrity issues. Please always ZIP your database file (this file will always be called RentalWorkbook.mdb )

If you have renamed that file, the Excel file will not find the database.

Detailed instructions for completing the transaction will be provided when your confirm your details. Once you go through checkout you will be able to download the restore. This RESTORE file is FREE to subscribers, however you will need to complete a “purchase” in order to download the file.