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Is it possible to enter past data for properties?

Is it possible to enter data for properties which have been owned a number of years? Does this mean old data has to be individually entered for each year in retrospect until the first year of ownership. Is it suffice

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More than one tenant per property

This is a common question: I have more than one tenant in a property – what do I do to record their rents and see if each individual is in arrears / ahead in their payments?

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I seem to have an EFW file?

The file we send through is a normal ,ZIP file containing an Excel document, so not a .EXE. An EFW extension is a Compressed .ZIP or executable .EXE file renamed by CA Security Centre to have a “.efw” extension; typically

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Rental Workbook on Open Office?

We have had a number of inquiries about Excel, the Rental Workbook, and different spreadsheet programs such as OpenOffice. OpenOffice from does not come with VBA support, which means it will not run any coding or macros created in

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