Free Download: Line of Credit Calculator

If you do a lot of transactions on your Line of Credit, you may wish to record them all.  If so, download our FREE LOC Calculator (you don’t even need to be a Rental Workbook subscriber!).

You can enter approximately 1,000 transactions into this calculator.  It then generates summarised monthly totals which you can enter into the Rental Workbook or simply give to your accountant.

Free Excel 2010 Upgrade Guide

Download this Excel 2010 from 2003 from Microsoft, showing the key differences between Excel 2003 and Excel 2010.

Another option is to use this excellent interactive guide – if you know where it ‘used’ to be, and want to know where it’s gone – this is the one for you!

You can use this link to find interactive guides to all other Microsoft Programs, such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project and so on.

General Excel Help

FREE Excel Tutorial – our helpful “Dummies” tour of Excel 2003 for beginners.

Learn Excel

Would you like to learn more about the excellent Excel program?  Try our easily affordable option:

We can provide you with a series of short lessons sent to you via email for a home/office based learning program.

Prices will start from as little as $10 for your first intro session.  For each session you will receive a zip-file containing:

•a printable full-colour PDF help card
•step-by-step instructions
•any files you need to run through the examples
•30 days of support (strictly related to the session content)
Find out how to start your Excel program now – email us for more information