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Q. What support services are available for Rental Workbook Users?
We have plenty of self-help here on our website – please visit the BLOG first, as there are many commonly found issues that people experience – for various reasons – it may be how to use Excel with your Rental Workbook, or how to Update for the tax year. You’ll find all your answers right there on the BLOG

We have free e-mail support available from our Support page. Please note that while we are happy to assist you with Rental Workbook problems, we cannot help you learn how to use your PC. You may be able to get a friend to help you with this or do a basic computer skills course.

Q. How do I register the Rental Workbook software?
A. On purchase, your details are contained within your customised Rental Workbook software, so no further registration is required. To see what your username is, go to the About worksheet. If your name does not show at the top of each printed page, you may not have a properly registered copy and should contact us.

Q. What information/records should I keep for my property?
A. You should retain all the supporting documentation for all the information you key into the Rental Workbook.

The Rental Workbook does not replace the need for proper record keeping however it assists you in making sure you think of everything when keeping records for your investment property, and maintains a neat summary of all your information.

Q. Will I be able to use the Rental Workbook if I have never used Excel?
A. You only need to know how to do some very simple things in Excel (e.g. open a file, move around using the arrow keys, edit information in a cell etc). Even if you’ve hardly ever used Excel before, you’ll be able to use the Rental Workbook!

The Rental Workbook also comes with a helpful User Guide that describes each aspect of the program.

Q. Do I need to add anything to my computer to use the Rental Workbook?
A. You need to have Excel 2010 or later installed on your computer.  The Rental Workbook is not supported on a Mac platform or any other spreadsheet programs like OpenOffice or Google Docs as there are many programming features which link to a database where your information is actually stored.

Q. How do I get new versions when the Rental Workbook is updated?
A. As updated versions of the Rental Workbook are released, and provided you have a current subscription, you will automatically receive notices about the new updates via email.

Q. How long is the subscription valid?
A. 1 Year from your initial registration. Your subscription is renewable annually on that date, by opening the Rental Workbook then going to the Rental Workbook menu (Rental Workbook > Utilities > Renew Software Licence). We also send reminder notices with a renewal code in order that you can renew your licence online.

Your subscription provides you with all updates to the Rental Workbook that are released within 12 months from your initial registration, along with our property investment newsletter, which contains useful articles and news, valuable tips about getting more out of your Rental Workbook and Excel.

Q. What happens when my subscription runs out?
A. Your subscription is valid for a period of 12 months so in order to keep your software current, you’ll need to pay an annual renewal fee (currently $99). We send you a reminder containing your access key, in plenty of time to renew your Rental Workbook.

Q. May I use the software on more than one computer?
A. The software is licensed to one person only however you can copy the file and use it on other computers if you wish. Just remember which one you saved the latest updates on! (If you are often working on different computers, you nay find it easier to work from a USB drive or an online storage system such as Dropbox.

Q. What happened to all my Excel menus and toolbars?
A. This program provides you with a fully customised Rental Workbook menu, which replaces all the other Excel menus and toolbars. This custom menu provides all the key functions you need to operate the Rental Workbook. When you close the Rental Workbook application, all your original menu and toolbars will be restored.

Q. How do I move between different sheets in the Rental Workbook?
A. 1) Use the customised Rental Workbook menu bar, found at the top left of your screen, OR    2) Use the four blue buttons … |< First, << Back, Next >>, Last >|, OR    3) The Quick Links drop down menu provided at the top right of each page.

Q. What are the little red triangles at the top right of certain cells?
A. These are important comments applicable to the cell or range of cells. To view comments, hover over the cell with your mouse.

Q. How do I enter/edit information in the Notes section?
A. Place the mouse pointer in the Notes section and double click or press F2.

Q. How do I move onto another line in the Notes section?
A. Press ALT-Enter and you will get a new line.

Q. What does the “Quick links” dropdown menu do?
A. This allows you to jump between sheets without having to click Next or Back multiple times. Just remember to push the “Go” button once selected!

Q. How do I re-calculate the spreadsheet?
A. By default, all calculations are updated automatically. If you’ve setup your version of Excel to calculate manually, simply press F9 and the spreadsheet will re-calculate.

Q. What is “Fill down”?
A. This button will copy data from the cell containing the “Fill down” button to all the yellow shaded cells below. It’s an easy way of entering the same number in all cells.

Q. How do I save property data I have entered?
A. Select the following from the customised Rental Workbook menu bar:
Rental Workbook > Property > Save

This saves all the current Property Data into the Rental Workbook database and then saves the entire Rental Workbook too.

Rental Workbook > Save only saves the Excel part Rental Workbook, but does not save the current Property Data into the Rental Workbook database.

Q. How do I delete a property I no longer own?
A. Select the following from the customised Rental Workbook menu bar (not forgetting to run a back-up first):
Rental Workbook > Property > Delete

Q. How do I retrieve property data I have entered?
A. Go to the Property Details sheet, select the property you want to retrieve as shown in the Properties dropdown menu on the right of the sheet and then click the Retrieve button.

If you are viewing an existing Property, you may be prompted to save your existing Property details before retrieving the new property. If you choose to save the existing property details, the current property details will be saved prior to retrieving the new property data.

You will notice that the Excel “Status Bar” (the line at the bottom of the Excel screen where messages appear) will inform you as to the progress of your save/retrieval.

Q. How do I input New Property data?
A. Select the following from the customised Rental Workbook menu bar:
Rental Workbook > Property > New

If you were viewing an existing property, you may be prompted to save the existing data prior to clearing all yellow shaded input cells.

Q. Why can’t I enter any negative values for expenses?
A. All numeric values are to be input as positive (including expenses). You don’t need to worry about using negatives at all.

Q. What format should I use for dates?
A. All dates to be input in format setup under Windows (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Settings). Provided you have selected English (Australia), your date format will be dd/mm/yyyy.

Q. How many Properties can I enter in one Rental Workbook?
A. As the Rental Workbook uses a database for storage, you can store an unlimited number of properties.

Q. How do I print the current page I am viewing?
A. Select the following from the customised Rental Workbook menu bar:
Rental Workbook > Print > This Page
You may preview the page before printing, and change your printer options such as Duplex / Colour (depending on your printer).

Q. How do I print a full report?
A. Select the following from the customised Rental Workbook menu bar:
Rental Workbook > Print > Full Report
Yes, you may preview the full report before printing.

Q. I cannot find the “About” selection on the customised Rental Workbook menu bar?
A. You may have customised menus turned on in Excel. If so, click on the two downward facing arrows at the bottom of the customised Rental Workbook menu bar and all available menu items will now appear.

Q. How do I transfer or send my data to my accountant?
A. Either e-mail the whole Rental Workbook to your accountant (including your database file).

Your accountant can print off the sheets that they require, or you can print the reports to a PDF file format and e-mail them to your accountant. Your accountant does not need to have his/her own copy of the Rental Workbook.

In order to print to a PDF file format you will need to either have Adobe Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader) or another program that can create PDF files (there is a free PDF creator available at http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp (opens in new window).