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The demo’s are great for anyone who’s new to the Rental Workbook – either as additional training or so you can explore the program prior to purchasing.

Demo’s are based on v7.00 of the Rental Workbook so if you’re using an older version, you may notice some minor differences.

Demo Description

Property Details

See how to record overall property details, tenants and their rental periods, purchase details, and capital growth projections.
Rental Income See how to record rental income received and create receipts for tenants.
Agent Expenses See how to input details of expenses paid for by your property’s managing agent.
Owner Expenses See how to input details of expenses paid for by you.
Repairs and Maintenance See how to enter Repairs and Maintenance expenses paid for by you and/or your agent.
Travel Diary See how to track car travel expenses.
Other Travel Diary See how to record details of other travelling expenses such as airfares and accommodation.
Capital Allowance See how you can record depreciation and capital purchases.
Loan Summary See how to record loan details such as interest, fees, and account information.
Line of Credit See how to handle a Line of Credit for your property.
Annual Tax Summary – All Properties See how to compare the performance of all your properties.

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