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Do you need the help of a Virtual Microsoft Office Expert?

We offer our own admin service too! – This means that when you need an in-house expert, we can help. We work remotely, which means we do not need to visit you in your office, meaning less time charged to you. This means we can work on all manner of things for you providing we have the software / access required to do so.


General Administration – From $60 per hour

  • Administration is defined as work you would reasonably expect any Executive Assistant to be able to do. For example, an EA could create a standard document in Word, but they would probably not be able to create macros to automate processes.  They might be able to update your website text based content, but probably not complete HTML coding or design logos.

Bookkeeping Assistance with MYOB Online – From $75 per hour

  • If you use MYOB online, you could send us a copy of your transactions (maybe even link your bank statements) along with any major transaction details and we could update .

Advanced Administration – From $100 per hour

  • Advanced Administration is work you would reasonably expect an Expert Excel or Word user to be able to do. For example, build a dashboard reporting system in Excel based on your monthly figures; or create a multi-page document in Word with cover page containing graphics and charts.


A large franchise motor dealer needed a simple way to track work through the workshop.

We created an easy to use Excel spreadsheet with drop-down lists, and colours that highlight the rows when a job is at different stages during the workshop visit e.g. yellow for work-in-progress, red for waiting jobs, and green to show when the job is complete.  This allowed the whole service team to see how the day was progressing, and helped to lessen the workload of the workshop controller.

A large CBD legal firm had a four-day induction program.  Due to time constraints, the various teams could not always present their session at the same time, but the firm wanted a simple to use powerpoint presentation to achieve this.

We created a custom designed slide-show with a menu system, that linked to the various sections.  We also added additional functionality including web links, document inserts and hidden areas for the presenter to have use of. Individual sections were linked in from other documents, giving the flexibilty that the HR team needed.

An accounting firm wanted an easy to use Time Recording System to track productive and non-productive time.

We created an Access database that captured all relevant information by using easy to use forms.  Reports could be pulled off at any time to track staff hours and view different targets.

A government team wanted a user guide created in Word, but wanted the document to be in several pieces.

We created a shell document that linked to the various different sections.  Each section was colour coded and was automatically included in the main table of contents held in the shell document.  The page numbers were all consecutive when printed, and the document was approximately 250 pages long in total.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Do you need help with a similar one-off project, but don’t want to employ someone for this task due to its short nature?

We can do these types of project for you, and more.

We can often do this remotely by telephone and email, which means you don’t have to be close to our offices.

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