Rental Workbook

Get some FREEDOM back in your life

At only $149, Rental Workbook from Excel Australia is the key to buying your next property

Save time and money with the Rental Workbook

Keep track of your properties, tenants (and correspondence), loans (up to 3), Line of Credit, Split Loans, multiple owners, travel diary, repairs and maintenance and more.

Stay on-side with the ATO – the Rental Workbook is, as always, fully tax compliant
Claim ALL your entitlements and PAY LESS TAX!

With our latest changes you can store UNLIMITED properties, compare your HISTORICAL data, view great REPORTS and see how your property wealth is building by using the fantastic graphs.

Using Excel, the Rental Workbook is so EASY to use!

We’ve combined the use of an Excel spreadsheet with a storage database – this means that whenever you upgrade or renew, all you need to do is replace the Excel part – the database stores everything else.

Similar products market at around $595.00 but you can have your own copy of the Rental Workbook for only $149.00. That’s less than the price of a skinny-cap per week … and it’s all tax deductible!

Why is the Rental Workbook so inexpensive?

  • We know that when people take action and improve their finances, they benefit so much from the immediate returns that there is a very good likelihood they’ll tell their friends and associates about us and they’ll keep wanting to use our services. We know that you will enjoy the simplicity of the Rental Workbook!
  • Your accountant doesn’t want to do your investment property bookkeeping … and you don’t want to pay them to do this for you! It’s a waste of time and resources. You’d both rather use the accountant’s time to talk about more interesting things … like what you’re going to do with all your profits, how your wealth-building is going, and when you’ll be able to buy your next property! If there’s anything that makes accountants and investors alike positively drool, it is the thought of not having bookkeeping hassles!
  • The Rental Workbook is created using Microsoft Excel.  This means you don’t need to pay for another full program – as long as you have a copy of Excel (2010 or 2013) – simply run the Rental Workbook as a tremendous value added feature! This also means you can transfer the Rental Workbook folder to another computer, or take on your USB stick to your accountant for finalising your tax return.
  • Note: If using Excel 2007 or 2003, we still have a program available for you, though it does not use the usual ribbon interface.

This upgrade is FREE to existing subscribers – if you are an existing user, check your inbox for your Upgrade message.  If you do not have this message, please use the Contact form and ask for your link to be sent to you.

*Note, version 14 does not run on Excel versions 2010 and older. We have developed a whole new Ribbon to use with the new Office®™ interface.  Due to Microsoft’s support procedures, we are also no longer able to support Excel®™ 2003 or 2007 errors.


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